Creating Citizen Advocates

While building support in western capitals is essential, ZIA Network is found wherever
the future of Zimbabwe could be affected. ZIA Network has a network of offices and
satellite offices that help Zimbabwean activists across the globe learn how they can affect
Zimbabwe’s future and secure strong ties with other nations.
Throughout the year, ZIA Network sponsors exciting events featuring leading
policymakers and top analysts. ZIA Network also works on college campuses, recruiting
and teaching student activists how they can be involved in mobilizing support for and
rebuilding Zimbabwe. ZIA Network also recruits student interns interested in the African
The core of ZIA Network’s mission is building a base of citizen advocates who team with
our expert staff to educate elected officials, policymakers, and opinion leaders. But we
also engage in many important initiatives to ensure that whatever the future holds, ZIA
The network will be positioned to effectively promote sound and prudent policies for the
good of Zimbabwe.

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