The “ZimReport” is a newsletter that highlights developments, issues, and trends affecting Zimbabwe’s road to recovery. A valuable resource tool, it provides regional news on political and economic developments with a potential impact on the welfare of the Zimbabwean people. It is available in English.

‘Today’s briefing’ is a compilation of the major headlines from and about Zimbabwe and Southern Africa – grouped by region, country, and story. It is published daily with the latest news in English.

The website ( is the definitive source of information on Zimbabwe. In addition to an archive of Alerts and Communiqué articles that goes back a few years, the site contains an exhaustive list of links to Zimbabwe-related resources and sites. The website is in English.

The program provides support to members to address short, medium, and long-term advocacy goals, including urgent actions, local advocacy initiatives, and more elaborate multi-member, international and cross-sectoral campaigns.

ZIA Network helps focus the world’s attention on core issues of democracy, and human rights and encourages policymakers to adopt strategies that advance the dignity and human rights of all of Zimbabwe. Through public events, press releases, opinion articles, and one-on-one meetings with policymakers, ZIA Network highlight key challenges and issues in the struggle for freedom in Zimbabwe.

ZIA Network promotes the growth of freedom by encouraging policymakers, international institutions, and governments of established democracies to adopt policies that advance human rights and democracy in Zimbabwe.

With offices overseas ZIA Network works directly with democratic reformers on the front lines, acting as a catalyst for freedom by strengthening civil society, promoting open government, defending human rights, and facilitating the free flow of information and ideas.

ZIA Network promotes the right of every citizen to live in a society that respects their freedom, promotes open government, defends human rights, strengthens civil society, and facilitates the free flow of information and ideas.

ZIA Network is an independent non-governmental organization that supports the freedom of all people in the world. We support nonviolent civic initiatives in societies where freedom is denied or under threat and we stand in opposition to ideas and forces that challenge the right of all people to be free. ZIA Network functions as a catalyst for freedom, democracy, and the rule of law through its analysis, advocacy, and action