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ZIA Network is a voice for democracy and freedom in Zimbabwe. Since its founding by native Zimbabweans concerned with mounting threats to peace and democracy in their country, ZIA Network has been a vigorous proponent of democratic values and a steadfast opponent of dictatorship.These Zimbabweans, gravely concerned by conditions in their homeland, are mobilizing resources to aid Zimbabwe's recovery.We are dedicated to foster stability in Zimbabwe, by establishing long-term strategies and programs to address economic development and the rebuilding of infrastructure necessary to restore educational, medical and social services.We seek to create an environment in which existing national and international humanitarian groups can provide assistance to Zimbabweans safely and effectively.ZIA Network also seeks to raise awareness around the world of the increasingly dire economic, social and political instability in Zimbabwe. We actively seek and petition for international aid to assist the stabilization and security of the Zimbabwean people and democratic institutions.We will advance the needs of Zimbabweans through public awareness campaigns and initiatives, targeting elected officials, government agencies, policy-makers and opinion leaders in Zimbabwe and abroad.We will ensure the preservation and protection of Zimbabwe’s cultural and ethnic heritage and thereby, the identity, history and dignity of the Zimbabwean people.ZIA Network operates as central repository for donations of financial and other forms of aid, and as the focal point in the dissemination of information and ideas, regarding the reconstruction of Zimbabwe.Initially, ZIA Network will convert most donations received into humanitarian supply of basic necessities including medical supplies and clean water that will be distributed, through intermediaries, to the neediest people in Zimbabwe.

Our organization is focused in three priorities in Zimbabwean: Humanitarian Relief, Governance and Education.ZIA Network actively educates and collaborates with policymakers whose decisions affect Zimbabwe’s future. We keep political leaders and citizen activists informed of critical developments affecting Zimbabwe’s political and humanitarian landscape through publications, such as our daily briefing and the ZimReport, – a regularly updated news and analysis. ZIA is dedicated to mobilizing resources to respond to the humanitarian catastrophe the people of Zimbabwe have endured in recent years.
The right to freedom of expression, enshrined under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, is widely recognized as a vital component of any legitimate democracy. Zimbabwe has seen journalists murdered, newspapers banned, radio stations closed, free-expression advocates jailed and citizens denied access to the information needed to participate in decisions affecting their lives and communities. Under such conditions, citizens are also denied the security of an environment that allows for the protection of their human rights. ZIA Network plays a key role in addressing such threats by exposing violations and raising awareness of the dangers faced by individuals in many towns and villages across the country who dare to criticize powerful figures.
ZIA Network works to help build the foundations of healthy democracies by protecting the rights of citizens and free expression to hold those in power accountable. We also work to secure vital foreign aid to help ensure Zimbabwe’s recovery from the ongoing political and economic crisis and to promote strategic cooperation between western nations and this Southern African nation.

We are a group of individuals who are non-political and non-religious but have an interest in ploughing back resources in the country we call ours. ZIA Network was launched in 2008 by a group of Zimbabweans living in the United States in response to the desperate cry for support by the everyday people in Zimbabwe.
We are an independent, non-partisan, non-profit, non-governmental organization with the mandate to help establish and promote democratic practices, human rights, security and international cooperation. ZIA is committed to helping Zimbabwe join the community of democratic nations, where the inalienable rights of all individuals prevail.
A small group of volunteers offer their time, passion and skills to keep the organization running. ZIA Network has volunteer staff at its New York headquarters and Harare office, including issue-specific specialists for challenges in Zimbabwe. ZIA Network has forged strategic partnerships with other humanitarian organizations working in Zimbabwe for easy and efficient implementation of its programs in Zimbabwe.
ZIA Network is not affiliated with the Government of Zimbabwe. Our work is funded by contributions from individual members, private businesses, public foundations and endowment of diversified assets.