How we started

A group of Zimbabweans living in New York at the height of the political and economic crisis in Zimbabwe created ZIA Network in response to the brutal treatment of their fellow citizens. An authoritarian government back home had abandoned every variable that constitutes democracy and this group in New York found itself paralyzed, with no tools or means to affect change in their country of birth. They came together to explore ways in which they could make a difference in their country as a collective. They realized that a formal institution would provide a mechanism to improve cooperation and allow for a rapid exchange of information on what is going on in Zimbabwe and how to make a difference. Hence ZIA Network was born

How we’re Funded

ZIA Network is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that relies on tax-deductible grants and donations under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS in the US. It is incorporated in the United States as a Not-for Profit organization. It is funded by contributions from individuals, private businesses and various foundations. Donations are welcome.